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  • Posted On: 21 Jan 2019
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Hard On Tablets Solving Erectile Dysfunction Globally

If the repercussions of erectile Dysfunction (“ED”) are getting you down. If you fear for the future of your relationship and are becoming increasingly worried and despondent about the often-cruel results of ED. Hope and sexual health is now within reach - buy Hard On tablets online now.

Buying your ED medication online means that you are spared the inconvenience and embarrassment of visiting a medical doctor. No more pesky questions, no more waiting for a doctor’s appointment and no more having to visit a pharmacy to obtain your medication.  

This medication contains sildenafil citrate, the same active ingredient compound in Viagra. This generic medication has the same results of Viagra but is infinitely more affordable, is FDA approved and best of all, is available prescription-free.  

Hard On Tablets Giving you Hope

Sildenafil citrate works by relaxing the walls of the blood vessels in the penile area thereby increasing the blood flow to the penis. Blood flow to the penis is needed to obtain and maintain an erection that will result in a fulfilling sexual encounter.

Hard On tablets take effect within 30 – 45 minutes after ingestion and are effective for approximately 4 – 6 hours after consumption. To avoid side effects do not exceed the recommended dosage of one tablet in a 24-hour period. Do not partake in large, fatty meals or excessive alcohol when using the treatment as these could interfere with the effectiveness of the medication.

Side Effects of Hard On Tablets

Side effects will sometimes occur when taking any medication. Side effects of this medication are rare and are usually mild and short lived. Common side effects include headache, light sensitivity and vertigo.

Do not use Hard On Tablets if you suffer from heart or liver conditions, have recently had a stroke or heart attack, or suffer from low blood pressure. Always be sure to read the product information pamphlet inside the medication’s packaging to minimise side effects and counteract counterindications.  

Hard On Tablets Online a Complete Solution

Our online and professional kamagra pharmacy carries a wide range of affordable erectile dysfunction medications. We offer further discounts for Bitcoin and bulk purchases on our already discounted prices. Hard On tablets online eradicates ED affordably and easily. 

Our parcel tracking facility on your door to door delivery and discreet packaging assures your privacy is ensured. Hard On tablets solving your ED now.

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